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I draw a lot more then you see in here.




Commission Sheet_2016_Update by JBCBlank
Commission Sheet_2016_Update
Thank you for showing an interest in my work.

I really like working on commissions, I love making other people happy so if you have something on your mind that you would like to see happen, or if you just want a portrait please let me know and we can talk about it and work on a price.

Detailed pricing

❥ Base Price: Headshot $5 base | Bust $7 base | full body $15 base ❧
❥ Shading Options: flat colors +$7 | Cell shaded +$10 | Soft shaded +$15 ❧
❥ Backgrounds: Transparent [free] | Single Color [free] | simple background $5 | complicated background $10 | Freakishly detailed background $15 ❧


❥ Portrait $5
❥ Ref sheet $10
❥ Comic $15

More things
Ref sheet details:…
Prepose Icons:…
QR Badges:…

Please read

© Do not repost
Personal_Vent_Just let her have her tantrum by JBCBlank
Personal_Vent_Just let her have her tantrum
Ever since I have started letting my inner demon have her tantrum attacks she has been less and less effective. Hell just today I had a trigger moment that would have certainly have triggered her before, and it barely made her stir.

Fighting her never helped me. she was always so strong because of all the energy she is able to absorb, she is not a full creature, she has only negative feelings, she is only negative feelings. Her voice is one only I can hear, and she is the reason for my break downs. She knows what to say but she can only say it when she is big enough. She has not been able to get bigger since I have let her have her tantrums. So even though it hurts me to hear what she says and feel her anger, it's better in the long run to just let it happen. 

she can not be loved, she can not be reasoned with. I can only let her be.

3 hours | Sai | Photoshop CS3 

❥ Art by :iconjbcblank: ❧

.::contact info::.
Tumblr | Jbcblank[at] | Facebook

© Do not repost.
Commission_Fallow_DigiPals by JBCBlank
Look at them cuties!!! Look at them!!!
I don't do cell shading all that much. but I think I'm getting better at it. 
I need to play with it a little more. 
Maybe draw more ponies?

3 hours | Sai | Photoshop CS3 

❥ Commissioned by Fallow on FB | Art by  ❧

:contact info:
Tumblr | Jbcblank[at] | Facebook

© Fallow is the only one allowed to repost this. Any other action with this drawing (ej. Using them on any other website) must be ask about in advanced.
Personal_Don't believe me just watch by JBCBlank
Personal_Don't believe me just watch
I meant only to flat color it, but then it went on to a full fledged portrait of my Pony sona, Jade. 

I adore her design, I made her to very.. simple specifications. She is dark and evil for a reason. Her tail is tied up and she's nice and chubby. But still so very sexy. 

The background gave me trouble, couldn't find a color that looked good, then I slapped her cutie mark on there. 
If anyone wants to see it full you can find it here:

I have to write out her story one of these days XD

3 hours | Sai | Photoshop CS3 

❥ Art by  ❧

:contact info:
Tumblr | Jbcblank[at] | Facebook

© Do not repost.
Commission_Fallen_gift icon by JBCBlank
Commission_Fallen_gift icon
Poke-sonas o3o 

This one is just adorable, the colors are so pretty and soft. I love it!

30 minutes | Sai | Photoshop CS3 

❥ Commissioned by Fallen for Kirfluff | Art by  ❧

:contact info:
Tumblr | Jbcblank[at] | Facebook

© Kerfluff is the only one allowed to repost this. Any other action with this drawing (ej. Using them on any other website) must be ask about in advanced.


JBCBlank's Profile Picture
JBCBlank Zepp
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I do take commissions.
If you are need of something check out my website or my FA page. That is where all my information is as of now.…


My Fursona is Kira
Fox/Skunk Hybred…

Current Residence: Tijuana BC MX.

Favourite genre of music: Everything and Nothing
Favourite style of art: Digital paintings. I love them! <3
Operating System: Windows 8.1
MP3 player of choice: It's... grey... I bought it at Walmart.
Wallpaper of choice: I have started drawing my own.
Favourite cartoon character: I don't watch cartoons that much anymore.
Personal Quote: "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"
❥Need art of your Sona? 
❥ Don't have much cash?

❥ Well then come on over here and we'll talk about it. We have the high quality art you are looking for. Prices start at just $5!

❥ Slots are limited.

❥ SLOTS ❧ 
1. Ryan : Payments made $40/45 | Half portait 100/100%
2.  Sora : PAID $5/$5 | Prepose Icon 100/100%

Robert on FB : Unpaid $0/$50 | Full portait 80/100%
bluethebunny  bluethebunny Unpaid $0/$30 | Ref sheet 0/100%
Buhdah : Unpaid $0/$45 | Couples Portait 0/100%

Characters and Rating
I am perfectly comfortable drawing pornographic material. There are a few things that I will not do, but for that you must take a gander at my ToS.

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